Programs & Campaigns

Community-driven Sustainable School Transformation

Remaking our schools is a job community members, who understand our needs and know how to address them.

Elected Representative School Board

Parents deserve a voice in their children's education. They worked with us in Chicago and Springfield to make that happen.

Environmental Justice

Preparing youth for careers in technology, the trades and entrepreneurship is the goal of our youth leaders who run Bronzeville Nia.

Girls Lead & #WeWalkForHer

Black girls and women go missing more than any other group. Our youth work with us and governments to find solutions.

Journey for Justice

Communities should lead and sustain the transformation of our schools. Nearly 20 cities united to take our fight to Washington.

Lift the Ban (Keep Illinois Home)

Illinois landloards can raise rents as high as they want. We're pushing the state to let cities put a stop to it.

Obama Library Southside CBA Coalition

The Obama Presidential Center will help our communities continue to grow. But we won't let that growth push us out.

Save Mercy Hospital

Our persistence kept open our community's hospital, even as its well-funded owner tried to close it during a health crisis.

Senior Bill of Rights

We are supporting seniors across Chicago as they create a Senior Bill of RIghts to be introduced at City Hall.

Silver Fox Cafe and Office Renovation

KOCO will open a new cafe that brings the community together while creating jobs. It's a part of our rapidly expanding vision.

Stopping Displacement of Condo Owners

Developers are trying to push seniors out of their condos on Woodland Park. We stand with them in their fight.

Sustainable Community Schools

After the school day is over, we step in to support students' and families' academic, health and social needs.

The Fight for Dyett High School

In 2015, CPS closed the only open-enrollment high school serving Black and Brown students in Bronzeville. KOCO and the community reopened it.

United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations (UCCRO)

A common human rights agenda would protect all of us, especially the most marginalized. KOCO helping make that agenda a reality.

Youth Investment Campaign

Young people deserve more than lip service from public officials and private enterprises. KOCO pushes to increase access to resources for youth.

News & Press

Ald. Jeanette Taylor 20th Ward and former KOCO Education Organizer, addresses community residents in South Shore at CBA Town Hall June 30, 2023.

Obama Center ‘Yes,’ Displacement ‘No’

With south side residents in danger of being displaced from escalating rents, the Obama Presidential Center appears to…

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Rev. Leroy Sanders addresses the congregation at Kenwood United Church of Christ.

Celebrate the Life & Legacy of Rev. Dr. Leroy Sanders

Rev. Sanders emphasized the importance of the community asserting their wants and needs and demanding the resources and…

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Building Power: Supporting Chicago’s Youth as They Shape the City’s Future

As KOCO continues to work toward developing the next generation of leaders, the role of youth in Chicago's politics and…

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