KOCO’s Involved Seniors for Justice grew out of complaints older residents had about the conditions of their senior-living buildings.

Involved Seniors for Justice, or ISJ, continues that fight, while also working with seniors across the city to create a has worked with seniors to create a Seniors’ Bill of Rights to take before the Chicago City Council. ISJ also helps seniors get discounts on medications, reductions on their energy bills and more.

ISJ began when seniors came to KOCO with complaints about living conditions senior citizens are forced to endure at Judge Slater Apartments and Judge Slater Annex, CHA senior housing developments managed by the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation (WCDC).

We worked with them to get a front-page article by columnist Mary Mitchell in the Chicago Sun-Times. The article unmasked a pattern of poor management tolerated by the CHA and perpetrated by WCDC. Subsequently, several meetings have been had to improve the conditions in the building, including a contentious interaction with the CEO for CHA.

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