Programs & Campaigns

Boys 2 Men

Youth mentors work with young Black men as they discover new facets of themselves, grow their skills and connect with their community.

Bronzeville Nia

Preparing youth for careers in technology, the trades and entrepreneurship is the goal of our youth leaders who run Bronzeville Nia.

Girls Lead & #WeWalkForHer

Black girls and women go missing more than any other group. Our youth work with us and governments to find solutions.

Restorative Justice Hub

Through the lens of restorative justice, KOCO's youth leaders help Dyett and Drake students strengthen their community's sense of respect and togetherness.

Ujima Leadership Day Camp

During the summer, campers have fun while learning how to develop and flex their newly acquired leadership muscles.

Youth Development

With a variety of educational, cultural and leadership-development programs, KOCO is supporting students as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth Investment Campaign

Young people deserve more than lip service from public officials and private enterprises. KOCO pushes to increase access to resources for youth.

News & Press

Face painting at KOCO Fest.

The Return of KOCO Fest!

Remember the spirit of KOCO Fest — the air buzzing with music, laughter, positivity and community spirit? Seeing…

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Building Power: Supporting Chicago’s Youth as They Shape the City’s Future

As KOCO continues to work toward developing the next generation of leaders, the role of youth in Chicago's politics and…

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Haki McLaurin, Restorative Justice Coordinator at KOCO, holds a Circle Experience with students at Drake Elementary.

Restorative Justice: A Path to a More Equitable School Community

The school system in America has been justly criticized for its traditional approach to discipline, which often relies…

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