KOCO’s youth organizers have created campaigns to increase the employment, social, and academic resources available to youth in the Mid South area of Chicago. KOCO youth are engaged in a campaign to increase the resources available to employ teenagers during the Summer throughout the State of Illinois.

They are also working with community, municipal, and state entities to increase facilities amenable to youth in the North Kenwood and Oakland communities. Noting a high correlation between the disinvestment of resources for youth and the recent spike in violence, youth are crafting new legislation that goes beyond summer employment opportunities.

KOCOs youth leaders have also organized a Youth CAPS (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) meeting to actively work against the criminalization of youth in North Kenwood and Oakland. Youth leaders work with the 21st police district commander, beat officers, and sergeants to improve communication between youth and police, and to develop joint projects that engage neighborhood youth. Youth CAPS meetings differ from neighborhood CAPS Meetings because youth create the agenda and co-facilitate the meetings. Youth leaders also work to create solutions to issues raised in their meetings.

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