Environmental Justice

Preparing youth for careers in technology, the trades and entrepreneurship is the goal of our youth leaders who run Bronzeville Nia.

Silver Fox Cafe and Office Renovation

KOCO will open a new cafe that brings the community together while creating jobs. It's a part of our rapidly expanding vision.

The Fight for Dyett High School

In 2015, CPS closed the only open-enrollment high school serving Black and Brown students in Bronzeville. KOCO and the community reopened it.

Stopping Displacement of Condo Owners

Developers are trying to push seniors out of their condos on Woodland Park. We stand with them in their fight.

Lift the Ban (Keep Illinois Home)

Illinois landloards can raise rents as high as they want. We're pushing the state to let cities put a stop to it.

Girls Lead & #WeWalkForHer

Black girls and women go missing more than any other group. Our youth work with us and governments to find solutions.