Submit a Witness Slip

We need a moratorium on hospital closures NOW to #SaveMercy and #SaveProvident. Submit a witness slip in support of SB558 HFA3, the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ health equity omnibus bill that includes a moratorium on hospital closures. It will be discussed in a House Executive Committee Hearing TODAY.

To file a witness slip, go to – Fill out the form with your information. Note that most fields are mandatory. If you do not officially represent an organization, please write “SELF.”- For position, select “SB558-HFA3” from the drop-down menu, and click “PROPONENT.”- For testimony, choose “record of appearance only.”- To submit the created slip, accept the terms and click the “create slip” button.

We need a moratorium on hospital closures NOW! Chicago Needs An Elected Representative School Board Now! Out of more than 800 school districts in the state of Illinois, Chicago is the largest and one of the only districts that does not have an elected school board! KOCO has been on the frontline for years on the need for an Elected Representative School Board for Chicago.

We urge you to take action with us today to call State Senate President Don Harmon to call the vote for HB 2267, which creates an Elected Representative School Board for Chicago. CPS’s appointed board isn’t accountable to families, teachers or voters. Having a school board appointed by the mayor for 25 years has not brought stability to CPS in terms of finances, enrollment or labor relations.

We are tired of not having a voice and a vote and how our public schools are run like every other school district in Illinois. Aren’t you?  Call Senator Harmon TODAY at (217) 782-8176.

Here’s a sample script.

Chicago parents and citizens deserve full democracy, not ‘hybrid’ democracy.  CPS families of color call for elected school board