Chicago Health Equity Coalition Declares Major Step Towards Victory in Saving Mercy Hospital!

Back in the summer when the word about Mercy Hospital closing emerged, the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization and the Lugenia Burns Hope Center formed the Chicago Health Equity Coalition (CHEC), made up of community, labor, healthcare and faith-based organizations, to fight back and #SaveMercy and #SaveProvident. Since May of 2020 CHEC has consistently been on the front lines of the fight to save Mercy Hospital.

Much has happened since the summer and our Coalition has consistently been demanding that Trinity Health Systems sell Mercy and it was made public last week that Trinity has agreed to sell Mercy Hospital and has identified a prospective buyer to keep the hospital open. We are pleased that Trinity Health Systems is finally willing to sell to a buyer to keep a full-service hospital at the site! Though we are pleased with this development, we reject a process where Trinity determines who the buyer will be.

CHEC has met with Trinity’s Proposed buyer, but also plans to meet with other potential buyers. See our full list of demands here. We are calling on the Illinois Health Facilities Board to deny Trinity’s proposal to sell to their buyer unless the CHEC and elected officials get the opportunity to examine all proposals. Nothing about us, without us.

Join us virtually or submit your written statement for the next public hearing of the Illinois Health Facilities Board on Mercy tomorrow, Friday, March 12 at 11 AM. The deadline to register to speak at the meeting is today, so REGISTER HERE and pass the word.

We must continue to work together to realize health equity in Chicago…in our lifetime!

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