Boys 2 Men

Youth mentors work with young Black men as they discover new facets of themselves, grow their skills and connect with their community.

Youth Development

With a variety of educational, cultural and leadership-development programs, KOCO is supporting students as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Involved Seniors for Justice

Seniors told us how managers of senior-living buildings disrespected them and ignored their health and safety complaints. We helped them organize.

Circuit Court of Cook County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program

KOCO is driven to help homeowners keep their homes. That is why we support this vital County Circuit Court program.

Stopping Displacement of Condo Owners

Developers are trying to push seniors out of their condos on Woodland Park. We stand with them in their fight.

Lift the Ban (Keep Illinois Home)

Illinois landloards can raise rents as high as they want. We're pushing the state to let cities put a stop to it.